5 Advantages of Travelling with a Backpack

Nov 12

5 Advantages of Travelling with a Backpack

Travellers have quickly over the years become known as “backpackers”. This is all because of their penchant for conducting their travels with all of their essentials propped up in a rather large rucksack on their back. If you are planning on travelling abroad for a few weeks or months, you really should consider packing one of these carry alls to bring with you too. After all, there are several advantages of travelling with a backpack:

  1. Easy to Transport

If you are heading up mountains or terrains, dragging a suitcase behind you just isn’t going to work. If you are walking long distances, you don’t want your shoulder weighed down by a shoulder bag. The backpack offers the most easy to transport form of luggage. You don’t feel weighed down as you have the support of your shoulders and you backpack to carry your essentials around. There tends to be padding on the shoulders and hip belt to ensure ultimate comfort.

  1. Low-Cost

Backpacks are one of the most low cost forms of travel luggage. You can pick up a good quality, durable backpack from a top brand for a very cheap price, especially if you shop around. When you think of all the items you can fit, they provide a much more cost effective form of luggage than suitcases, carryalls, briefcases and gear bags. They are very easy to replace too. When you are on a minimal budget as you will be on your travels, replacing a repairing a backpack will cost you far less than other luggage.

  1. Easy to Store

Backpacks are designed to be easy to store. No matter what transport method you take – be it bus, plane or train, you can easily store your luggage. They can easily be stored in the overhead compartmentsof transport vehicles and so do not have to be confined to outer storage like suitcases often do. They are designed to fit more awkward and confined spaces than traditional pieces of luggage.

  1. Organisation

The multitude of compartments actually can help to keep your things more organised. You don’t have to keep opening it up and rooting through your things every time you want to take something out. You can keep your most frequently used items such as water bottles and sunglasses quickly at hand in one of the many outer compartments. When travelling, you may frequently need to change between the items at hand. One moment you may need your train ticket, the next a hat, the next a drink and the next your waterproof jacket. The multiple compartments make it easy to quickly source these items.

  1. Weather Proof

When travelling with a backpack, you don’t have to worry about your prized possessions getting destroyed by the weather. Most will be waterproof and so even when blustery showers hit, your belongings will stay dry within the safety of your backpack. This is very beneficial if you plan on being outdoors for a lot of your travels.

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